Refining & Marketing



Refining & marketing is one of our major business segment. We currently produces a wide range of high-quality petroleum and gas products and petrochemicals, selling them via wholesale and retail in over 30 countries.

Overall capacity of our refineries at the end of 2013 was 16.7 mln tons of crude oil per year. Yuzhny owns 2 oil refineries and 2 mini-refineries, as well as 2 gas-processing plants.

YUZHNY is continually expanding, optimizing, modernizing and developing its business in the new segments of bunkering and aircraft refueling in order to maximize benefits from vertical integration.

We exported 25.81 mln tonnes of petroleum products in 2010 (including products bought from other producers.. Fuel oil was 52% of total product exports, 32% was diesel fuel and 12% was naphta.

Yuzhny has a number of clear competitive advantages compared with other Russian oil companies as regards export of petroleum products. Two of the Company’s refineries are located directly adjacent to export markets: